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My wife went to Texas pain relief Group for her diabetic neuropathy pain managment. The Dr's there said she would have to be drug tested for the first 3 visits which is no problem with her.

She submitted her urinalysis drug test at the visit. The drug screen was sent to Medical Tox Labs in Florida. This was done every month at her monthly visit for the next 2 months, We assumed that since they said it was for the first 3 visits and then random after that that is what it would be. That is not the case the next visit in march 2017 they said time to do your drug screen....

we questioned but complied as requested. The physicians request the drug screen at every visit, and we have complied at every visit. There has never been any abnormality on any of the results. This has gone on every month since 12/2016.

In April 2017 I began receiving EOB letters from my insurance United Healthcare and bills from Medical Tox Labs for the charges not covered by Insurance. This cost is $9880.00 PER TEST. Absurd cost for a urinalysis. The following appointment in May we spoke with the physicians office about the charges, they acted like they didn't know the charge amounts.

We complied with the request to do the "Monthly Drug Screen" at this visit as well. The following month at the June visit when they requested the "Monthly Drug Screen" we said no NOT AT THEIR LAB! They said oh ok you can take it to an outside lab such as Quest or Labcorp. So we took the lab order to our local lab which is Labcorp.

My wife submitted the required urinalysis drug screening test at Labcorp and the results were sent to the physicians office. As Always the results were exactly as they should be. I got an EOB letter from my Insurance for the Labcorp Drug Screen which is the exact same drug screen as Medical Tox Labs and the "Retail Price for the Drug Screen was only around $800.00 and the negotiated cost of the drug screen was around $ 80.00 and no co-pay. We have since June refused to use the physicians lab due to the cost they are billing our insurance and now use Labcorp for the exact same test.

The cost for the test at Medical Tox Labs is absurd. The physicians office requiring the drug screen test every visit is absurd and the GROSS Negligence of the physicians office to indicate that other labs may be used is also ABSURD. TEXAS PAIN RELIEF GROUP IS AN AFFILIATE OF PHYSICIAN PARTNERS OF AMERICA, WHICH OWNS MEDICAL TOX LABS AND MEDICAL DNA LABS IN FLORIDA. THIS IS GROSS FRAUD BY NOT INFORMING THE PATIENT OF THIS, GROSS FRAUD TO CHARGE THE FEES THEY CHARGE AND AN EXTREME CONFLICT OF INTEREST WITH THE PHYSICIANS OFFICES AND THE LABS.

Practices such as this are what drives up healthcare cost in this country and there need to be laws that prevent this practice with criminal consequences. Estimated Billing for the urinalysis for 6 months to my Insurance Company is around $60,000

Review about: Texas Pain Relief Group Urine Test Procedure.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $60000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Wow. However, we were provided documentation stating the cross-ownership issue at a recent initial visit.

It is necessary for patients to read all the paperwork, ask questions, and be very proactive in their care-like what you did with the urinalysis at the outside lab. Unfortunately, pain patients are at the mercy of these practices due to the unavailability of offices that will prescribe anymore.

Patients are being dropped or taken off meds and killing themselves due to pain...so we find ourselves rolling over and doing anything to try and get meds so we can just function-not for pleasure like the addict users. The physicians and their practices know this and walk all over us...and we pretty much have to let them...

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